All-American Doubles Champions

Oracle Challenger Series
Nov 17, 2018

The men’s and women’s doubles championship matches, which were happening simultaneously on courts 1 and 3 respectively, seemed to have a lot in common. On each court was one all-American team (Austin Krajicek/Nicholas Monroe on the men’s side, Maegan Manasse and Jessica Pegula on the women’s) and one half-American team (Marcelo Arevalo and Jamie Cerretani on the men’s side and Desirae Krawczyk and Giuliana Olmos on the women’s). Both American teams lost the first set (46 on the men’s side, 16 on the women’s) before coming back to force a tiebreak.

And, on both courts, the American’s were victorious. Krajicek/Monroe won their match 46 76(3) 10-5 just minutes after Manasse/Pegula won theirs, 16 64 10-8.